Kitty Clogs Sweden - Gold Resa low heel
Kitty Clogs Sweden - Gold Resa low heel
Kitty Clogs Sweden - Gold Resa low heel
Kitty Clogs Sweden - Gold Resa low heel

Kitty Clogs Sweden - Gold Resa low heel

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Low heel Resa style clog in metallic gold soft leather uppers, with natural wood and rubber grip sole  

beautifully hand made in Sweden with attention to small details... even a comfy groove for the big toe!

made to last and stay beautiful with age...just like the owner  

available in uk sizes 4-8


The traditional Swedish clog is a hard-wearing and long-lasting work shoe. Today, at Kitty Clogs Sweden we pride ourselves on retaining this quality and craftsmanship. Look after your clogs and they'll look after you. 


Here's how:




Made using Swedish Alder and Birch wood, your clogs will carry the marks of their source; shades of wood will vary and the natural grains that travel through will differ. No two pairs are the same.

Although the wood is strong, it needs to be treated with care. Avoid wearing on very wet days as this may weaken the sole's structure over time, and be careful not to drop or knock your clogs on hard surfaces as they can chip. Feeding the wood with olive oil is a wonderful, natural trick that helps to nourish and add extra protection. If your wooden sole does get marked or chipped, you can gently sand the wood with a fine sandpaper. Bigger chips can be simply glued back into place with a wood glue. 



Kitty Clogs are made using natural grain leather, vegetable dyed leathers, nubuck and suede. Over time the untreated natural leather will softly darken to a sun-kissed complexion. To help them on their way, gently and evenly rub a little olive oil into the leather to instantly transform the clog's appearance to a darker shade and add further protection against dirt and water.

Again, very wet weather will stretch the leather over time, so avoid showers where possible. Many marks can be removed by simply wiping away with a damp cloth.

There are many products such as leather balsams and sprays that will add further protection to the leather, nubuck and suede uppers. We encourage you to get advice before you buy. Make sure to do a test patch before covering the entire clog as some products will alter the appearance and could cause uneven marks