Lorraine Miller grew up in Charing, and she and her husband Matthew have raised their five children in the area. She has always loved design as a way to incorporate beauty into the practical daily flow of creating a home.

No. 3 is a curated lifestyle shop inspired by Lorraine's passion for the design aesthetics of the places she most loves: the few years spent living in France as a teenager, her deep roots in Kent, and the many trips to visit family in Brooklyn, upstate New York and the Californian desert.

From pottery to linens, jewellery to elevated consignment clothing and bags, sheepskins to beauty products, plus tons more - No. 3 contains the unique patina and softness of the old alongside the clean, crisp joy of the new. Many of the contemporary makers represented at No. 3 are local, with an emphasis on a fresh creative point of view married to a refined sensibility.

Lorraine wants No. 3 to be a shop where the door is always open (maybe not literally, at least in the winter). Her life is rooted in family and friends; opening this store is an exciting next chapter for her and one where she hopes many will share her love of placing beautiful, well-made things into the everyday of any life.